Calibre 0.8.17

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
Basic support for Amazon AZW4 format (PDF wrapped inside a MOBI)
When showing the cover browser in a separate window, allow the use of the V, D shortcut keys to view the current book and send it to device respectively.
Closes tickets: 836402 [External link]
Add an option in Preferences->Miscellaneous to abort conversion jobs that take too long.
Closes tickets: 835233 [External link]
Driver for HTC Evo and HP TouchPad (with kindle app)
Preferences->Adding books, detect when the user specifies a test expression with no file extension and popup a warning

Bug Fixes
E-book viewer: Ensure toolbars are always visible
Content server: Fix grouping of Tags/authors not working for some non english languages with Internet Explorer
Closes tickets: 835238 [External link]
When downloading metadata from amazon, fix italics inside brackets getting lost.
Closes tickets: 836857 [External link]
Get Books: Add and stores
Conversion pipeline: Fix conversion of cm/mm to pts. Fixes use of cm as a length unit when converting to MOBI.
When showing the cover browser in a separate window, focus the cover browser so that keyboard shortcuts work immediately.
Closes tickets: 835933 [External link]
HTMLZ Output: Fix special chars like ampersands, etc. not being converted to entities Keyboard shortcuts config: Fix clicking done in the shortcut editor with shortcuts set to default caused the displayed shortcut to be always set to None
Fix bottom most entries in keyboard shortcuts not editable

New news sources
Haber 7 and Hira by Unknown
NTV and NTVSpor by A Erdogan by A Erdogan

Improved news sources
Hacker News
Nikkei News
Program Information

Tools and Utilities

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Download: Calibre 0.8.17

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