Calibre 0.8.18

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
Kindle news download: On Kindle 3 and newer have the View Articles and Sections menu remember the current article.
Closes tickets: 748741 [External link]
Conversion: Add option to unsmarten puctuation under Look & Feel
Driver of Motorola Ex124G and Pandigital Nova Tablet
Allow downloading metadata from To use it, configure the amazon metadata source to use the Japanese amazon site.
Closes tickets: 842447 [External link]
When automatically generating author sort for author name, ignore common prefixes like Mr. Dr. etc. Controllable via tweak. Also add a tweak to allow control of how a string is split up into multiple authors.
Closes tickets: 795984 [External link]
TXT Output: Preserve as much formatting as possible when generating Markdown output including various CSS styles

Bug Fixes
Fix pubdate incorrect when used in save to disk template in timezones ahead of GMT.
Closes tickets: 844445 [External link]
When attempting to stop multiple device jobs at once, only show a single error message
Closes tickets: 841588 [External link]
Fix conversion of large EPUB files to PDF erroring out on systems with a limited number of available file handles
Closes tickets: 816616 [External link]
EPUB catalog generation: Fix some entries going off the left edge of the page for unread/wishlist items
When setting language in an EPUB file always use the 2 letter language code in preference to the three letter code, when possible.
Closes tickets: 841201 [External link]
Content server: Fix --url-prefix not used for links in the book details view.
MOBI Input: When links in a MOBI file point to just before block elements, and there is a page break on the block element, the links can end up pointing to the wrong place on conversion. Adjust the location in such cases to point to the block element directly.

New news sources
Various Polish news sources by fenuks

Improved news sources
Kopalnia Wiedzy
Philadelphia Inquirer
Honolulu Star Advertiser
Philadelphia Inquirer
Program Information

Tools and Utilities

Works on:
Windows, Mac, Linux

Product page: here

Download: Calibre 0.8.18

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