ProjectX 0.90.1

Posted on Sunday, Oct 02 2005 @ 00:23 CEST by LSDsmurf

collects all patches from 0.82.1 and solved problems from 0.90 pre-release

now it is possible to compile and run it without the gui (javax.swing.) (means all source files in /gui/..).
so there is no requirement of running a X server or similar anymore, calling it from the commandline.

the source/key/settings handling has been changed completely, that means i.e. CL + ini parameters. 
old one's aren't compatible and won't work anymore.
tell us, whether or not more CLI switches are wished. (with examples)

the gui and its placement of options has been changed again, don't cry..

there are so many changes inside, that we would be happy when it works as before at this point.

this is the 1st step of refactoring, what we will continue in following releases.
don't expect better error handling. that will come sometime later.. we still have to make a lot of changes.

- append extension to PES didn't work
- GUI hasn't started, forced by the CLI switch
- allow gaps in audio didn't work on pre-scan
- CRC validation didn't work on 44.1khz AC3 data
- FTP: problems with some national characters in filenames
- 'add sequenceheader' didn't work properly
- 'yield()' removed, solves some process probs on Linux.
- some file access probs with local filesystem
- ...

- 'audio pitch' option removed from gui
- 'd2v parameters' options removed from gui
- allows writing of normal and big log at a time
- enhanced VPS,WSS and RDS decoding
- loading a file immediately performs a pre-scan of it, a wrong detection can be overridden by manually assignment
- file info is shown in the OSD, and can be copied to the clipboard
- direct conversion of mpa48 'single to dual' removed
- all primary parser modified, less errors
- pes-prebuffer removed, allocates it automatically
- file naming rules of multiple streams
- dragndrop mod, when using MacOsTiger
- changed CLI switch names
- ...

- teletext: optional text export in Unicode
- pre-processing of wrong ac3 PES files, written by the Hp SW
- pre-processing to strip raw audio data from DD and DTS-Wave files (possibly doesn't work with some formats, don't use it with unknown files)
- create a DD/DTS-Wave from Ac3/DTS streams (only meant for the use with Audio-CD-R's, possibly doesn't work with some formats)
- direct conversion of mpa48 'single to 3D stereo' (adds a delay to ch B)
- PMT-autofilter, makes a preselection of linked TS-PIDs in PMT (spares the Pidlist)
- 'sPES->MPG' option, handles PES files as mpg2ps data
- set chapters in preview (bytepos. cut), will be written into celltimes.txt on demux
- FTP: option to specify server 'resume' property, jumps now to the 1st cut startpos.
- FTP: allows elementary streams as input
- TF header: 3rd option (new TF5x00)
- option to update the timestamp of a (wrong) file (outside of our calendar)
- ...
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