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Posted on Sunday, October 09 2005 @ 23:24 CEST by LSDsmurf

New features
  • Offline IMAP - While Eudora is offline certain actions can be performed locally and Eudora will notify the server the next time Eudora is online. Supported offline actions are: changing the status of messages (read/unread, deleted/undeleted), transfering/copying messages as well as creating, renaming and deleting mailboxes.
  • IMAP Improvements - IMAP performance has been improved by performing actions locally first (where possible) then communicating with the server later in the background as well as by reducing the number of commands Eudora must issue to the server. Eudora also allows deleted IMAP messages to be hidden from view (the new default) or viewed along with non-deleted messages.
  • Indexed Search - Eudora now offers the option of doing faster (indexed) searches powered by the X1 search engine. This is available in Paid mode only.
  • Boss Watch - Eudora can now warn you before you send mail to certain recipients, which could help keep you from sending a message to people you did not mean to include. This is available in Paid mode only.
  • S/MIME plug-in - Eudora now supports digital signing of messages via S/MIME.
  • LDAP with SSL - Queries can now be performed using SSL on LDAP servers that support SSL.
Address book
  • Fixed bug handling address book entries with more than one address, one of which is another nickname.
  • Fixed bug where you could not add numerous nicknames to Recipient List at the same time.
  • Fixed bug where New and Del buttons are enabled in the Address Book window when they should not be.
  • Fixed crash when right clicking on a readonly address book.
Message display & editing
  • Eudora now allows URLs to begin with "URL:" in compliance with RFC 1738.
  • Fixed hang that could occur when displaying an invalid GIF file.
  • Fixed case where a link that spanned multiple lines would not be loaded correctly by the built-in viewer.
  • Fixed rare case where Eudora could crash when sending a specific attachment which involved a lot of quoted printable encoding.
  • Added an extra parameter to the attachment mappings entries that controls whether or not the attachment should be deleted. The value should be "0" (keep) or "1" (delete), and defaults to "0" if not present. As an example, say you don't want to get any meeting notices you can add an entry to the [Mappings] section of the Eudora.ini (or DEudora.ini) file that looks like this:"both=ics,,,text,calendar,1"
  • Fixed bug where composition message with styles sometimes wouldn't save.
  • Insert Emoticon menu now alphabetized by meaning.
  • Left-justified the meanings of emoticons and removed parentheses to give a cleaner look.
  • Fixed bug that caused messages to remain in an IMAP mailbox after they were deleted via another client.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect reporting of how many messages are waiting to be downloaded.
  • Fixed SpamWatch crash on certain incoming messages.
  • SpamHeaders is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed SpamHeaders memory leak.
  • No longer displaying error dialogs when inline images can't be loaded in the internal viewer.
  • Badly formatted Date: headers now use the arrival date/time of the message.
  • Better error dialog information when encountering an unknown file error.
  • Added support for mini dump file writing ("EudoraCrashDump.dmp") to exception handling code (mini dumps are more extensive crash info). The information that's written into the mini dump file is controlled by .
  • Added some new ScamWatch settings:
    • controls which prefixes to strip before comparing host names,
    • controls which schemes Eudora ignores for ScamWatch warnings,
    • controls whether or not ScamWatch will warn about suspicious links with a dialog, and
    • controls whether or not ScamWatch will warn about suspicious links with a ToolTip.

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