Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 rollup 2

Posted on Saturday, October 15 2005 @ 1:08 CEST by LSDsmurf

Support for Windows Media Center Extender for Xbox 360
The Windows Media Center Extender technology built into every Xbox 360 lets you access entertainment from your Media Center PC—whether it’s live and recorded TV and movies, music, photos or Online Spotlight—on any TV in the house.

Support for 4 tuners
You can now have a combined 4 TV tuners on a Media Center PC. Media Center will now support 2 NTSC Standard tuners and 2 ATSC HD TV Tuners.

DVD changer support
Media Center now offers integrated support for external DVD changers, enabling consumers to watch movies and manage external 200 disc DVD changers from the Media Center interface. Media Center displays rich movie information and cover art for each movie loaded in the DVD changer. (DVD changer support is available on select new Media Center PCs.)

Away Mode
Away Mode brings the convenience, quiet performance and instant on/off functionality of consumer electronics to the Media Center PC. Away Mode improves upon current PC power-management systems by enabling the system to silently perform unattended tasks, such as record TV shows and stream content to Media Center Extenders, while in a low-power mode that appears off. (Away Mode is available on select new Media Center PCs.)

DVD-burning improvements
Updates to the Sonic DVD burning engine improve the performance and capabilities of DVD burning in Media Center. Now consumers can convert high-definition TV shows to standard definition and burn to a DVD all in one step, as well as burn to a DVD from other locations on the network such as from a Media Center Extender device.

Additional HDTV tuner support
Update Rollup 2 provides support for up to four TV tuners. US customers will now be able to utilize two NTSC (analog) capture boards and two ATSC (digital) capture boards. This enables personal video recording of two shows at the same time, broadcast as either ATSC digital TV (480p) or high-definition TV (720p/1080i).
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