Ability Mail Server 2.51

Posted on Tuesday, October 18 2005 @ 23:18 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Added: New POP3 Retrievals option 'Leave a Copy of Mails on the Server'.
  • Added: Automatic POP3 retrievals can now re-deliver to addresses in the retrieved mail's header.
  • Added: POP3 Retrievals now enforce a hop count limit.
  • Added: POP3 Retrievals can now use the bayesian filter.
  • Added: User POP3 retrievals now check that the account is not full.
  • Added: Mails retrieved through POP3 Retrievals now have the SMTP sender set.
  • Added: New WebMail option to disable domain option list on login page.
  • Added: New mail loop and infinite bounce protection system.
  • Added: New message to deal with mail loop failure notices.
  • Enhanced: DNS Lookups are now performed over UDP.
  • Enhanced: SMTP NOOP command now allows parameters for greater client compatibility.
  • Enhanced: WebMail manual POP3 Retrieval triggering will check the account is not full first.
  • Enhanced: After successfully manually triggering POP3 Retrievals in WebMail, the return link will refresh the folder.
  • Enhanced: WebMail 'Reply to All' button will not add the users own email address to the newly composed mail.
  • Enhanced: WebMail session pages now will inform the web browser of the users selected charset.
  • Enhanced: Auto-responses now obey the Reply-To field.
  • Fixed: Occasionally folders displayed in the folder list would link to the login page.
  • Fixed: Changes to the general Anti-hammering settings had no effect.
  • Fixed: After 50 days of non-stop running, the mail server could crash.
  • Fixed: Viewing the manual in NT service mode could cause the interface to hang for a short period.
  • Fixed: Some WebMail spelling errors.
  • Fixed: WebMail Advanced Options icon did not correctly link.
  • Fixed: Missing installation files could cause file browsing in the dialog interface to hang.
  • Fixed: IMAP4 STORE command did not always correctly set the mail flags.

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