Posted on Tuesday, Jan 11 2005 @ 20:53 CET by LSDsmurf

DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD disks. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disk.

DVD Shrink will also burn your backup DVD, if you have installed the latest version of Nero. You can download a demo version of Nero here. If you already possess alternative burning software and prefer to stick with it, then you can still use DVD Shrink. The output from DVD Shrink can be saved as files on your hard drive, which you can then burn with software of your choice.
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Re: DVDShrink
by Anonymous on Sunday, Nov 20 2005 @ 13:12 CET
crap link dont work

  • Reply by Anonymous on Wednesday, Nov 23 2005 @ 12:01 CET

    The link probably doesnt work because the cocksmoking american governernment is doing its best to stop anyone downloading dvdshrink, dvddecrypter etc.

    Lots of links to this software are down, check the dvdshrink homepage

  • Reply by Anonymous on Thursday, Dec 08 2005 @ 21:10 CET


Re: DVDShrink
by Anonymous on Thursday, Mar 30 2006 @ 04:51 CEST
How do you download DVD Shrink everytime i try it says I have to pay.