World Wind 1.3.3

Posted on Saturday, October 22 2005 @ 22:40 CEST by LSDsmurf

NEW Feature/Fixes IN 1.3.3:
NASA Blue Marble Next Generation integrated (Issue WW-443)
NRL Realtime weather integrated (Issue ADD-29)
Startup Wizard enabled (WW-380)
World changing support through menu system (Issue WW-444)
Moon atmosphere disabled (Issue WW-445)
Single VS.NET solution (Issue WW-361)
Blue Marble uses terrain (Issue WW-239)
Added transparent color for textures (Issue WW-442)
Opacity Control for showing index of ThemeLayers (Issue WW-25)
Added distance measuring tool (Issue WW-131)
Configuration Wizard addresses all settings (Issue WW-301)
Removed unused DLLs (Issue WW-333)
Removed obsolete projects (Issue WW-347)
Renamed Startup Wizard to Configuration Wizard (Issue WW-360)
Seperate XML settings file for different versions (Issue WW-368)
Plugin unloading when quiting (Issue WW-393)
Terrain data won't download and build a mesh when terrain is disabled (Issue WW-394)
Menu bar can remove buttons (Issue WW-399)
Network path support (Issue WW-402)
Bathymetry rendering (Issue WW-398)
Tiny icon text fixed (Issue WW-400)
Redundant rescaling icons fixed (Issue WW-423)
SVS loads layer list fixed (Issue WW-422)
configuration Wizard runs first (Issue WW-416)
Mouseover text appears first (Issue WW-252)
Improved error window during crash (Issue WW-351)
Dynamic custom terrain loaders (Issue WW-397)
Alpha transparency for tool bar icons (Issue WW-405)
World Wind version number based on .exe (Issue WW-413)
Fullscreen command from an extra running copy ignored (Issue WW-414)
Removed non existant settings stored in app.config (Issue WW-424)
Removed OEMPipe and Enter as zoom controls (Issue WW-420)
Removed unused code (Issue WW-16)
Removed unused assembly references (Issue WW-410)
Terrain mesh code updated (Issue WW-404)
logfile HTTP error messages formatted (Issue WW-415)
Vsync setting added (Issue WW-409)
NSIS script files updated to compile under NSIS 2.10
Installer contains update for Managed DirectX 9 October 2005
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