NewsBin Pro 5.02

Posted on Wednesday, October 26 2005 @ 1:04 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Rewrote Read Post Body. Any previous RPB's will be lost.
  • Hooked up ctrl-d to remove posts from download list when in the post list
  • Highlight duplicate files with pink in the post list.
  • Dynamically update the post list with post status from the download list.
  • Fixed display problem with PAR files that didn't get included in compact mode.
  • Changed how posts are tagged internally, hopefully will improve performance some.
  • Fixed typo in Status "downloadeding"
  • Fixed default download path on clean install, should go under My Documents, not App Data. Folder name is now "Newsbin Download"
  • Worked on compact mode for non yEnc posts. Seems to work better now.
  • Compact mode modified to handle style adopted for posting HDTV files.
  • Improvements to the "Show Filename" mode
  • Fixed problem where last record in each spool chunk would not get marked as read.
  • Removed feature where clicking on post in post list would remove post from the download list.
  • The Status Column in the post list is back! Doesn't report filtered posts yet.
  • Flash reduction in the connections tab.
  • Reduced processor load when processing the groups list.
  • Fixed potential crash problem when sorting on columns in the download list.

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