Subrip 1.40 Beta 3

Posted on Wednesday, October 26 2005 @ 21:03 CEST by LSDsmurf

SubRip 1.40 Beta 3 and sources available. Large GUI overhaul and bugfixes. Implemented a way to fill a char matrix with entire UniCode subranges. Implemented opening bitmap sequences that DVDSupDecode outputs from converting DVB-T broadcasts saved as .sup by ProjectX. Made Modify and Delete work faster for characters in the Char Matrix (Beta 1). Fixed a few bugs and added an option to automatically fill the best guess. Updated with new Portuguese language by VĂ­tor Vieira. (Beta 2). Added support for negative timestamps and using the file offsets from .idx files, and fixed a few bugs. (Beta 3). Feedback and comments are welcome in the SubRip beta thread on the Doom9 forum, especially since new bugs may have been introduced. We also need help updating the languages to reflect the changes in the GUI. I've also posted my char matrix. It works for some 90% of the DVDs I've seen. Be sure to set the OCR sensitivity high (1000) when using it. See additional instructions in my post on the Doom9 forum.
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1.40 Beta 3
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