AI RoboForm 6.5.4

Posted on Sunday, October 30 2005 @ 19:17 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Add search of contents of Passcards, Identities and Safenotes.
  • Add encryption algorithms: AES, BlowFish, RC6.
  • Dual password for passcard: 1st part allows Login only, 1st+2nd part allow full access.
  • Add import of Internet Explorer passwords stored in AutoComplete.
  • Add icons to RoboForm main menu.
  • Show summary of the entire Identity in Summary tab of Identity Editor.
  • Show tab instances in the left tree navigator in Identity.
  • Add scroller and context menu to passcards in Matching Passcards mini-dialog.
  • Build passcard cache at install time, not on first use.
  • Revise AutoSave dialog to improve its usability.
  • Revise AutoFill dialog to improve its usability.
  • Better splash screen and optimized startup for Portable RoboForm.
  • Redesign Portable RoboForm installer.
  • Improve attachment and detachment of Portable RoboForm to browsers.
  • Add support for U3 platform used on USB keys.
  • Add Toolbar tab to Options dialog and put all toolbar options there.
  • In Firefox toolbar do not show Close button.
  • Increase max Most Recently Used limit from 9 to 26.
  • Add arguments to Search strings, to allow for more complex searches.
  • Add more searches to Search box: Google Site Search, Weather by Zip, Stocks by Ticker, Reverse White Pages, Who Is, SEC Filings.
  • Add decrypting AES to RoboForm for Palm.
  • Add decrypting AES, BlowFish, RC6 to RoboForm for Pocket PC.

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