Mpg2Cut2 Alpha Build 6205

Posted on Sunday, February 05 2006 @ 18:55 CET by LSDsmurf


- Fixed bug in Default System Header.
_ Mainly impacted DTV / SAT files with no System Header.
- Align leading Video packet.
_ First video packet will be aligned on SEQ header.
- 3rd Party Plug-In.
_ See separate download link below.
- Fixed bug that stopped packet alignment from triggering.
_ May have been an issue with some utilities.
- Preferences Dialog.
_ Supplied by WeWantWideScreen.
- CDXA RIFF wrapped files partially supported.
_ Strips RIFF wrapper from CDXA mpeg files.
- Audio output - selectable file extension.
- Output priority 3-way radio button.
_ Instead of single "Slow" check box.
- If Recycle attempt fails, then will use ordinary delete.
- Cleaned up reload of Edit List a little.
_ Better handling when saved selection had not yet been added.
_ Still a bit buggy.
- File-Append name filter defaults to same file extension.
_ To help prevent mixing the streams between PS and ES.
_ Because mixing the streams is bad.
- File-Close-Current.
_ To exclude the current file from the list of input files.
- File-Close-Others.
_ To retain the current file, but exclude all others from the list.
- Plug-in API extended to File-Close actions.
- Adjusted audio preview buffering slightly.
- Overlay interface changed.
_ A somewhat speculative technical change.
_ Now uses DWORD access instead of BYTE level.
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Alpha Build 6205
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