Opera 9 technology preview 2

Posted on Tuesday, February 07 2006 @ 15:00 CET by LSDsmurf

User Interface

  • New Opera Widgets feature. Widgets are small Web applications that live outside the Opera window. Press F6 to enter widgets mode. See the widgets tutorials for more details.
  • Added content blocking feature. Right click on a page and select "Block content", then click on content that you want to block. Alternatively, use Tools > Advanced > Content blocked to manage blocked content.
  • Added search shortcut editor. Right click on a form input to add it as a search shortcut, or use Preferences > Search to manage search shortcuts
  • Enabled support for BitTorrent.
    • New search shortcut 'b' searches BitTorrent
  • Added site specific preferences user interface.
    • Press F12 and choose Site preferences to set preferences for the current site, or use Preferences > Advanced > Sites to manage site specific preferences.
    • Preferences that can be set on a per-site basis can now be accessed using Preferences > Advanced > Sites > Default settings.
  • Web page thumbnails are now shown when hovering tabs.
    • Thumbnails are also available when switching tabs using Ctrl+Tab. These are disabled by default but can be enabled using the [User Prefs] Use Thumbnails in Window Cycle setting in opera:config.
  • Added grouping by date and site to the History panel.
  • Added syntax highlighting to source viewer.
  • CSS errors are now reported to the message console.
  • Tabbed browsing mode now opens a new tab if all existing tabs are closed.
  • Local stylesheets can now be specified as a directory using the [User Prefs] Local CSS Files Directory setting, and all stylesheets in that directory will be used to populate the on-demand user stylesheet menu.
  • New styles for opera:about, opera:cache, opera:config, opera:error, opera:history, opera:plugins, file: view, and Info panel.
  • opera:config says what changes were saved.
  • opera:config now allows linking to individual preferences, and searching within headers.
  • Simplified bookmarks and Wand dialogs.
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter to auto complete "www" and "com" when used in the address field.
  • Ctrl+B can be used instead of Ctrl+Shift+V for paste-and-go.

Messaging and Newsfeeds

  • New e-mail header toolbar.
  • Improved IMAP folder synchronisation.
  • Improved moving of email between IMAP folders.
  • Fix for duplicates showing in IMAP sent view.
  • Fix for messages showing blank
  • Added support for importing and exporting feed lists in OPML format, using File > Import and export.
  • Default mail views can no longer be renamed through the mail interface. They can be renamed using language packs.
  • Added a warning when sending mail without a subject.
  • User stylesheets are no longer applied to mail, news, and chat.
  • Added smiley menu to chat and mail toolbars.
  • Added CTCP flood protection to IRC chat.


  • Added support for CSS 3 opacity.
  • Media queries now understand several CSS length units, and can check additional media features.
  • CSS rules that are only partially correct (for example, '1px solid notrecognised') are now ignored.
  • Printing now uses backgrounds from print media instead of screen.
  • Text-decoration is retained on absolutely positioned links.
  • Attribute selectors now use the specified value of URIs, instead of resolved values.
  • Button elements now respect display:none.
  • Multiple fixes for styling of legends and fieldsets.
  • Allowed coloring of text and backgrounds in option and optgroup elements.
  • Fixed a regression with CSS attribute selectors failing to understand percentages.
  • Improved handling of tables in ERA.
  • Improvements for BIDI, including handling of padding-right, align="justify", and alignment in ERA.
  • Improved handling of vertical-align.
  • Improved handling of CSS 3 UI element states pseudo-classes.
  • The align attribute will now apply to TR, TBODY, THEAD and TFOOT as well. Block-alignment will not be inherited from table or inline-table.
  • @import is now supported in user stylesheets.
  • Fixed handling of alternate stylesheets in XML.
  • Added support for -o-text-overflow:ellipsis, synonymous to text-overflow:ellipsis in the current CSS 3 working draft.
  • Updated display:inline handling on tables according to upcoming CSS2.1 specification update.

Changes to defaults

  • Anonymous table cells in a display:table; now have a default vertical-align:middle;
  • Form default margin-top is now 0, and margin-bottom now 1em.
  • Several changes to the default margin and padding of legends and fieldsets.


  • getAttribute and related methods now retrieve the specified value of URIs, instead of resolved values.
  • Improved DOM error reporting.
  • Multiple fixes for XPath and XSLT.
  • Fix to prevent reprocessing of scripts when a script element is moved through DOM.
  • Enabled getElementById to retrieve elements based on attributes set to the ID type, by the DTD.
  • Improved handling of the load event when navigating back and forward through history. See the knowledge base article for more details.
  • Improved redrawing of table rows when dynamically changing styles.
  • Added Node.text property, equivalent to Node.textContent
  • Added support for the Element.currentStyle property.
  • Canvas:
    • Fix for rect() and fill().
    • Added support for standard CSS color styles such as rgb() and color keywords.
    • Improved handing of resizing the canvas.
    • display:none on images in HTML no longer causes those images to fail to draw in canvas.
    • Many path() fixes.


  • Fix for selecting text with different sized fonts in rich text editing.
  • Added support for inserthtml, contentreadonly, increasefontsize, and decreasefontsize in rich text editing.
  • Rich text editing now allows selection of images.
  • XHTML forms are no longer submitted if they do not have an action attribute.
  • Added support for the datetime input type.
  • Fix to allow inputs to have a large maxlength value.
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of Web Forms inputs.
  • Enabled the htmlTemplate property.
  • Added support for the datalist element and list attribute.
  • Added support for Web Forms 2.0 step="any".
  • Added support for oninput and onforminput events.
  • Removed support for maxlength on file inputs (this section of Web Forms 2.0 has also been changed).
  • Added support for Web Forms 2.0 repetition.


  • Added support for YCCK and CMYK formats in JPEG images.
  • Multiple improvements to SVG 1.1 basic and SVG DOM support.


  • Initial implementation of NPP_GetValue().
  • Re-enabled scripting of plug-ins with Java using LiveConnect.


  • Updated expired TrustCenter root certificates.
  • Fixed a TLS Extensions format error.
  • Security bar is now greyed for sites using an encrypted connection, that have a low security rating.


  • Rewrote server push handling.
  • Fixed handling of target="_top" and target="_parent".
  • Removed support for the Content-Location HTTP header as a base HREF.
  • Site patching can now download certain site specific preferences as well as Browser JavaScript and user agent overrides.
  • Multiple stability fixes.

Windows-specific changes

  • Added experimental support for NTLM authentication.
  • Fix for importing Internet Explorer favorites.
  • When first run, Opera will attempt to import bookmarks from the default browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera are supported.
  • Known issues with widgets on Windows 95, 98, ME and NT:
    • Widgets may fail to render correctly.

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