Pinnacle Studio 10.5

Posted on Friday, February 17 2006 @ 17:08 CET by LSDsmurf

New Features
  • Video iPod and Sony PSP video file output now available
    Note!: This feature requires MPEG-4 to be activated on your system in order to operate.
  • Significantly reduced time required to launch Studio
  • Improved speed while changing user interface panels
  • Improved performance on lower system spec graphic cards
  • Issues with Studio 10 running correctly after an uninstall of Studio 9 fixed
  • Progress indicators are improved throughout the program
  • Power management on laptops is applied to avoid performance issues during capture and edit
  • Save As no longer begins background rendering again
  • Thumbnail images on the timeline now are displayed with greater resolution
  • Icons of content that has been activated now display the correct image
  • Inconsistencies in second VGA monitor display resolved
  • Several issues with capture failures have been resolved
  • Import of Studio 9 projects improved
Edit Mode
  • Behavior accuracy in timeline editing improved
  • Improved responsiveness in timeline editing and toolbox use
  • Several issues in the SmartMovie tool resolved
  • Improvements made in SmartMovie slideshow styles
  • Background rendering green progress bar now shows progress within a clip
  • Performance and stability with project Save, Save As and New greatly improved
  • Multiple issues with feature activation management are improved
  • Pan & Zoom tool performance enhanced
  • DVD menu preview and editing improved
  • Custom menu background videos now retain audio
  • Background rendering performance and accuracy improved
  • Some effect and render performance issues on AMD processors resolved
  • Several areas of project preview has been improved
  • Issues with Saved Project corruption resolved
  • SmartMovie automatic edit behaviors improved
  • Issues with setting menu thumbnails resolved
  • Transitions now remain with original clips they were applied to
  • Plug-in properties now remain constant over multiple clips
  • Unexpected re-renders of menus resolved
  • Audio fade-in and out behaviors resolved
  • Importing of Pan & Zoom keyframes improved
  • Menu-to-menu linking has been stabilized
  • Incorrect aspect ratio display in video trimmer resolved
  • Volume changes on clips in the timeline have been enhanced
  • Rolls and crawls now work with AMD processors
  • Fixed some translation issues with various languages
Make Movie Mode
  • Multiple issues with DVD export resolved
  • Several video file export issues addressed
  • SmartRender now works for MPEG-2
  • WMV file output dialog now resolved
  • Stuttering audio in some DVD-R discs is resolved
  • DVD output rendering improved
  • Export of HDV files improved
  • DVD bitrate and duration calculation displays have been improved
  • Fixed burning error with 2-byte languages

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