The Bat! 3.71.02

Posted on Wednesday, February 22 2006 @ 15:05 CET by LSDsmurf

Added feature
  • Advanced search
  • You can import addresses to the address book from X.509 binary certificates.
  • Folder Maintenance stores previous operation checks
  • The Bat! now works with Outlook Redemption DLL for better importing from MS Outlook.
  • Outlook Import and Exchange MAPI: added support for attached RFC-822-messages embedded as ATTACH_EMBEDDED_MSG.
  • When importing addresses to the Address Book, you can select multiple files.
  • Minor: cmdline parameter /MsgId:ref to open message with specified ref on startup
  • Help button for the "Pick email address" dialog.
Improved/changed feature
  • Removed deprecated feature "Client-Server Mode"
  • Better error logging for Exchange Server
  • Better error logging for MAPI Exchange connections.
  • Coloured sorting key column of the message list is back
  • common folders now do allow setting the confirmation behavior and templates;
  • Better mail retrieval for Exchange server.
  • When working with Exchange server, The Bat! queries messages one-by-one.
  • Search speed optimizations
  • (#0005654) Create Filter dialog (menu: [Specials -> create filter): checkbox added to create a common filter
Bug fixed (we hope)
  • When importing messages from MS Outlook or retrieving from MS Exchange server via MAPI, transport message headers (RFC-822) weren't preserved for messages delivered by SMTP.
  • Import from MS Office 2000 Outlook and earlier didn't work in The Bat! since version 2.05
  • Better name resolution in Exhchange MAPI sessions.
  • Exchange MAPI: The Bat! might consider some folders on Exchange server as not for email messages and could skip them during mail retrieval
  • Exchange MAPI: incorrect number of processing folders was displayed during mail retrieval: The Bat! did also count empty folders
  • Exchange MAPI: The Bat! did improperly calculate the total e-mail message count: non-email items like appointments or addresses were also added to the total number of e-mail messages to retrieve, although The Bat! did skip these non-email items
  • Exchange MAPI: you can go to Account|Properties|Options and turn on "Verbose Log" to see which folders and items does The Bat! skip or process during Exchange retrieval
  • Exchange MAPI: A dialog box should be displayed to prompt the user for the profile password, if required. Now The Bat! uses the following MapiLogonEx flags: MAPI_EXTENDED | MAPI_ALLOW_OTHERS | MAPI_EXPLICIT_PROFILE | MAPI_NEW_SESSION | MAPI_PASSWORD_UI | MAPI_FORCE_DOWNLOAD.
  • Exchange MAPI: When verbose logging is enabled, when The Bat! skips non-email items, it displays the Message Class and Subject of these items.
  • Exchange MAPI: The Bat! did calculate the number of skipped messages improperly.
  • possible AV on exit, IMAP account
  • When importing messages from MS Office Outlook, The Bat! didn't convert X.400 addresses to SMTP addresses. This opportunity is only available for Office XP, Office 2003 and later versions.
  • The Bat! didn't import messages which had no bodies.
  • IMAP: fix of duplication on synchro
  • IMAP: moving to local folders
  • IMAP: possible wrong encoding
  • Minor: system hotkey couldn't be cleared
  • "Edit personal certificates" button in Account Properties also works for CryptoAPI S/MIME implementation
  • The filter condition "Time of ... is ..." was not storing minute values
  • (#0005373) Content of message Memo as filter condition does not work
  • (#0005302) "Create a formatted message" filter action is broken
  • (#0005124) Macro %TO, %FROM & %SUBJECT doesn't work if field was previously set empty
  • (#0005620) deletion of qsearch-created tab not always removed filter
  • (#0005619) Crop Button Macros
  • (#0005610) Customiser: Shortcut items actually missing shortcut keys produced AV on exit
  • (#0000767) It was not possible to set an empty name for iKey1000 token.
  • (#0005569) Invalid focus position in S/MIME input password dialog
  • (#0002252) Cursor not positioned correctly in Template editors (including Quick Templates) when you click with the left mouse button on the place where you would like to put the cursor.
  • (#0005649) Under IMAP, color filters incorrectly color messages
  • (#0005551) In CryptoAPI S/MIME implementation, if a certificate didn't have a CRL distribution points extension, The Bat! wrote that certificate revocation status is unknown and ceased to use this certificate.

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