TinyMCE 2.0.4

Posted on Monday, February 27 2006 @ 15:32 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin was using the tinymce_dev.js script.
  • Fixed bug where events where having a return true; statement infront of them.
  • Fixed bug where theme_advanced_toolbar_location option wasn't working.
  • Fixed bug where select lists wasn't working if you touched them with the tab key.
  • Fixed bug where auto reset design mode wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed bug where null was inserted in paste button action in MSIE.
  • Fixed bug where _template plugin had a , instead of . character on e.type.
  • Fixed bug where src, href where replaced to xsrc and xhref in comments.
  • Fixed bug where paste_cleanup_on_paste option wasn't working correctly with the paste plugin.
  • Fixed bug where MSIE was reporting an error when TinyMCE was placed in a frame and not focused.
  • Fixed bug where clipboard_msg wasn't entity decoded corectly before displaying it in confirm box.
  • Fixed bug where mceRemoveControl wasn't working correctly on DIV elements.
  • Fixed bug where mceInsertContent/mceReplaceContent produced error when a empty string was inserted.
  • Fixed so the default valid_elements option is more XHTML valid.
  • Fixed issue where style formatting wasn't handled when pasting content from Word.
  • Fixed issue where ' characters wasn't entity encoded, they are now encoded into ' and not '.
  • Fixed issue with empty paragraphs, these are now filled with &nsbp; if they are empty.
  • Added documentation on how the # prefix can be used in the valid_elements option.
  • Added new options paste_remove_styles and paste_remove_spans to paste plugin.
  • Added possibility to have empty default attributes values.

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