AM-DeadLink 2.00 Beta-2

Posted on Friday, January 02 2004 @ 18:01 CET by LSDsmurf

2.00 Beta-2
  • AM-DeadLink has now a separate toolbar button and menu entries to download IE-FavIcons (instead of a general setting)
  • If an IE-Bookmark has a FavIcon, AM-DeadLink shows a standard icon in the bookmark list and the FavIcon in the bookmark properties
  • Filenames of FavIcons contain now the name of the domain
  • IE-Favorites/absolute path column: AM-DeadLink shows now the absolute path within the folder structure and not the absolute path to the *.url file
  • Internal Browser: Search with Google added, search phrase is the name of the selected bookmark (toolbar button with hammer)
  • Internal Browser: Replace bookmark URL with opened URL (toolbar button with hammer)
  • The bookmark status is automatically deleted after changing an URL
  • Context menu: Show source code of *.URL file (for IE favorites only)

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2.00 Beta-2
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