Kaffeine 0.8

Posted on Sunday, Mar 26 2006 @ 15:32 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Disc: autostart audioCD playback after query.
  • Disc: removed DVD and VCD buttons
  • StartWindow: added a "Audio CD encoding" button
  • Disc: use mediamanager to find available disc(s)
  • fixed: default to no systray icon.
  • Playlist: double-click on a file in file browser to add to playlist and start playing it.
  • DVB: recording start/stop, exec a script named
    • $HOME/bin/kaffeine_recording with args:
    • kaffeine_recording On (recording started)
    • kaffeine_recording On '/file/name' (/file/name finished but still recording)
    • kaffeine_recording Off '/file/name' (/file/name finished, no more recording)
  • fixed: Fullscreen: hitting top or bottom unhide toolbars.
    • Minimal mode: mid_button hide/unhide toolbars.
  • StartWindow: numbered buttons, patch by "Aaron J. Seigo"
  • fixed: no fake key press events when paused or playing audio (except fullscreen)
    • Removed config option and harcoded 55s timeout.
  • new: logo by Dieter Zander
  • added: mp3lame encoder
  • added: ogg encoder
  • new: cdda ripping
  • new: discs input module
  • new: new startwindow
  • fixed: auto switch to player window.
  • Playlist: changed tab label and icon.
  • DVB: previous/next zap to previous/next in current category instead of whole list, patch by Rainer Wirtz
  • Playlist: mutiselection in filebrowser, patch by Rainer Wirtz
  • new: KaffeineInput abstract class, inherited by all input modules.
    • InputManager class to manage input modules.
    • made PlayList an input module.
    • LAYOUT:
    • vertical multitabbar.
    • reparent player window on current input module widget.
    • reduced number of toolbars (merged).
    • added a file browser.
    • added cover fetcher (from Juk).
    • playlist is no more undockable.
    • playlist selector now on playlist page.
    • DVB:
    • replace some chars in filenames ( < > / : " | ).
    • dvbsi characters conversion.
    • added a led for broadcasting.
    • click on instant record button to stop recording.
    • save video stream type and fill in pmt.
  • improved: column spacing, column order memory, and new stylistic touches inspired by Juk
  • Christopher Martin
  • improved: system tray applet
  • middle-clicking now toggles Play/Pause
  • Christopher Martin
  • kaffeine-part: make FastForward / SlowMotion more intuitively adjustable, like a sliding scale
  • Christopher Martin
  • fixed: deny certain widgets focus that don't need it
  • Christopher Martin
  • kaffeine-part: swap mouse wheel up/down behavior for volume and position.
  • DVB: dvbevents fixes.
  • DVB: fixed device detection.
  • fixed: loading track length whether CDDB information is found or not.
  • patch by Christopher Martin
  • fixed: open file dialog now accept non-local files
  • patch by Christopher Martin
  • added: support for KDE 3.5's system:/
  • patch by Christopher Martin
  • kaffeine-part: added gapless playback.
  • kaffeine-part: improved seeking speed (metronom_prebuffer=12000).
  • DVB: relies on service->library() instead of service->name()
  • DVB: indexing filenames to not overwrite existing ones
  • DVB: added 10 sec tuning timeout
  • DVB: recording *.m2t instead of *.ts
  • kaffeine_part: added zoomInX, zoomOutX, zoomInY, zoomOutY.
  • added: playDvb() dcop function.
  • DVB: using qmap to store events patch by Matthias Lenk
  • improved DVD navigation (kaffeine-part):
    • possible now to select title, chapter and angle from DVD menu
    • jumping to a chapter by entering a number with keypad
    • resuming last title and chapter after pressing stop and play again
  • DVB: added number of events in dumped file.
  • DVB: fixed eit thread priority (lowest).
  • DVB: fixed osd crash when not in live mode.
  • DVB: dvb osd browsing patch by "Ben Jackson"

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