Opera 9 build 8321

Posted on Monday, Mar 27 2006 @ 09:05 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • New widget User interface:
  • Some of the new widget User interface is not yet available on Linux, UNIX, or Mac.
  • Widgets will not work on some Linux or UNIX installations, while work is being carried out on the new widget User interface.
  • Widget thumb is shown at the top of the screen, providing quick access to widgets (this can be removed using the settings button when viewing widgets).
  • Widgets are now displayed on a faded background.
  • Pinned widgets have their own tasks, and can be activated with Alt+Tab as with normal application windows.
  • Pinned widgets can be kept on top using the right-click menu.
  • New welcome mail to replace dialog when first creating a mail account.
  • History panel now uses localised time when grouping by date.
  • Optimised tooltip formatting to prevent long tooltips from causing Opera to become unresponsive.
  • Re-added gender setting to voice preferences.
  • Fix for display of toolbar button text.
  • Content blocker now collapses blocked iframes.
  • Improved handing of image changes through CSS :hover effects.
  • Shift+Enter in forms is no longer detected as an unwanted pop-up.
  • Support PUT method for XMLHttpRequest.
  • Fixed support for LSSerializer.writeToURI.
  • Improved support for HTML output in XSLT.
Windows specific:
  • MSI installer can now download the Windows Installer if it is not yet installed on the system.
UNIX specific:
  • Fix for downloading files to desktop.
  • A static build is available again.

Program Information

Internet and communication

9 build 8321
Works on:
Windows, Linux, Mac

Product page: here

Download: Opera 9 build 8321

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