DameWare NT Utilities

Posted on Thursday, Mar 30 2006 @ 14:07 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Added "Idle Time" to Terminal Server View.
  • Added new option in AD Users and AD Groups to not load the entire list of objects.
  • "Not enough Storage is available to complete this operation" error message could occur when running DNTU on Windows 2000 . Fixed.
  • Issue with RDP View not working properly. Fixed.
  • Bug when pressing F1 to open Help File for certain dialogs. Fixed.
  • Issue with adding Picture or Logo under certain scenario. Fixed.
  • Additional icon and toolbar modifications.
  • No protocol revision. Will not require upgrade to Client Agent on remote machine if Client Agent is 5.0 or above. However, we recommend you upgrade the Client Agent on the remote machine to the current version as well. Otherwise some functionality may not work properly.
  • Added MachineName/IP-Address to Full-Screen toolbar. Fixed.
  • Toolbar customization was lost when you close the software. Fixed.
  • Sizing issue with the MRC Connect Dialog when the system font changed. Fixed.
  • Intermittent issue with Use Windows Hotkeys. Fixed.
  • "Disable Version Downgrade" could cause error when updating Client Agent on remote machine. Fixed.
  • Additional icon and toolbar modifications.
  • Column names could be out of sync on some output files. Fixed.
  • Additional icon and toolbar modifications.

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