Posted on Monday, Jul 17 2006 @ 10:02 CEST by LSDsmurf

K-3D 0.5 is a development version leading to K-3D 0.6, the third major release of K-3D. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to K-3D 0.5 for its completely rewritten user interface, many new features, and significantly improved stability over 0.4.
  • COMP: Win32 installer wasn't including Python-based tutorials
  • BUG: Correct misspelling in TaperPoints modifier
  • ENH: Property connection menus display human-readable property labels, instead of property names
  • ENH: Added Basic Selection tutorial
  • BUG: SubdivideEdges filter does not produce consistently-ordered output
  • ENH: Better orientation for +Z / -Z camera views
  • ENH: Navigation tutorial cleanup
  • BUG: Added regression tests for open bugs
  • BUG: Tutorial-enabled the path chooser 'browse' button
  • COMP: Fix QTUI build
  • ENH: Simplified k3d::iuser_interface, added an API for 'warning' messages ENH: Better appearance, consistency for 'query' messages
  • COMP: Synchronize code::blocks build
  • BUG: Crash closing the Assign Hotkeys dialog
  • ENH: Better startup messages ENH: Faster startup for make test
  • ENH: Add a regression test for the Assign Hotkeys bug

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