Posted on Saturday, Aug 05 2006 @ 12:26 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • STYLE: Update plugin categories
  • ENH: Added some missing icons
  • BUG: Bitmap import regression tests were failing if the ImageMagick plugin isn't installed
  • STYLE: Get rid of leftover debug statements
  • ENH: Streamlined k3d::state_change_set ENH: Empty changesets are discarded by the state recorder implementation
  • ENH: Added a "context" field to state change methods as an aid in debugging undo/redo problems
  • ENH: Simplified the NGUI main_document_window class and eliminated a small per-document memory leak
  • COMP: All NGUI regression tests force the default window layout for consistent playback
  • BUG: Fixed broken selection tutorial regression test
  • ENH: Got rid of some redundant error testing
  • BUG: Got rid of annoying Gtk error at shutdown
  • COMP: Regression tests use the top-level bin/plugins directory for faster startup
  • BUG: Mis-spelling in the Aqsis sanity checking code
  • COMP: Updated the build so that rasterizing SVG icons is strictly manual (for maintainers), since the resulting PNG icons are in CVS
  • COMP: Release checklist
  • ENH: Remove debug statements
  • ENH: Added sanity checks for Yafray installation
  • ENH: Added some basic sanity-checking for Pixie installation
  • ENH: Added some rudimentary sanity-checking when rendering with Aqsis, to head-off some common support requests
  • ENH: Added support for secondary text to the message dialog API
  • STYLE: New indentation style
  • ENH: Eliminate empty undo changesets when making selections in the Node List Panel
  • ENH: Added a "help" button to the Node Properties Panel which links to the online help for a plugin
  • STYLE: More plugin category changes
  • STYLE: Better categories for many plugins
  • ENH: Toolbar description file consistently uses "description" attribute instead of "tooltip"
  • ENH: Toolbar layouts can link and embed scripts using an XML syntax consistent with K-3D documents (including references relative to the share path)
  • ENH: Update sample documents with up-to-date path storage
  • ENH: Paths are serialized in normalized form (eliminates redundant "directory/.." pairs)
  • ENH: Paths that point into the share directory are explicitly marked as such and stored relative
  • COMP: Synchronize code::blocks build
  • ENH: New ConnectVertices plugin which works with a wider variety of inputs (I hope)
  • STYLE: Consistent capitalization in menus, file dialogs
  • ENH: Render file dialogs have sensible default file extensions STYLE: Added separators to the "Pick Camera" and "Pick Render Engine" dialogs
  • COMP: Qualify ambiguous Gtk::FileChooser::get_action() symbol for gtkmm 2.10

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