Skype for Pocket PC beta

Posted on Sunday, Aug 20 2006 @ 15:43 CEST by LSDsmurf

New features:
  • Multi-chat support.
  • SkypeIn support.
  • Voicemail support.
  • Call forwarding support.
  • Profile editing.
  • Detailed search.
  • Contact list information with avatar and mood messages support.
  • Improved chat-more emoticons and 'set topic' ability.
  • Animated emoticons.
  • Skype Launcher.
  • GSM and Skype callsmanagement.
  • Larger Dial Pad and delete button in Dial Pad.
  • Online help.
  • One click access to Skype from the device home screen.
  • Contact list sorting.
Bugs fixed:
  • Saved SkypeOut contacts are shown without their name in the Log tab.
  • VM sender Skype name is displayed instead of the real name.
  • Chat partner username instead of the real name displayed in tab head.
  • 'Clear Log' doesn't work for unknown SI call.
  • Call duration is only in minutes:seconds.
  • Search enabled while offline.
  • 'Hold' is enabled, when the call is already on hold.
  • Call 'hold' is allowed before call is answered.
  • 'Hold' reminds checked with new conference call.
  • Possible to send just space in chat.
  • Overlapped notifications on Start tab.
  • Contact names are overlapped in Contact list.
  • Allow calls and allow chats menus are empty while signed out.
  • Scrollbar doesn't reach the end in Call log.
  • Selected privacy option not updated first time.
  • Title bar notifications are not removed after signing out.
  • Incoming chat will create notification when some dialog is open.
  • Offline icon changes to pending for contact who hasn't been online for a long time.
  • Call duration is delayed for longer calls while browsing other programs at the same time.

Program Information

Internet and communication

Version: beta
Works on:
Pocket PC

Product page: here

Download: Skype for Pocket PC beta

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