NewsLeecher 3.8 beta 2

Posted on Thursday, Aug 31 2006 @ 12:50 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Added a 'Quick Search' filter to the Explorer view.
  • Zero-Part description files used to be skipped by NewsLeecher when downloading. They can now be saved to the disk by setting a new option located at: Setup -> Download -> Keep 0-Part Files
  • Added the ability to exclude specific subscribed groups from being updated by the new 'auto group updater' feature. Groups can be excluded from the group properties dialog.
  • NewsLeecher will now save corrupt article parts instead of skipping them entirely. This improvement will result in fewer needed par2 parity block to perform repairs.
  • A few small visual improvements. (SuperSearch search field has been made wider, etc.)
  • A few bugfixes here and there. (The file explorer now remember header column widths, etc.)
  • Fixed bug where using shortcuts to navigate groups, would sometimes cause NewsLeecher to unload groups unexpectedly:
  • Removed the 'Max Server Retention' property from the server setup dialog as the setting didn't work. It will be properly implemented later on.

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3.8 beta 2
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