musikCube 1.0

Posted on Monday, Dec 04 2006 @ 20:00 CET by

  • made "Collected" its own library with its own playlists
  • improved selection box "type ahead" filtering
  • selection boxes during search and viewing modified tags
  • ability to set file assocations in the Preferences window
  • wma and mpc playback plugins
  • added updated Winamp Emulator plugin
  • customizable global hotkeys
  • tango icons
  • better volume control
  • Yann Le Moigne's windows media key patch
  • view -> selection boxes
  • theme editor dialog. File -> Theme Editor
  • ability to title a NetRadio when you add it
  • light playback icon theme
  • core_net: added BASS_STREAM_AUTOFREE (can't hurt...)
  • rearranged main menu bar to be more coherent
  • make source devices view hidden by default
  • better theme support when drawing the currently playing song.
  • playlist 'drag and drop reorder' color
  • standardized appearance and workflow of all dialogs
  • "musik" in sources panel renamed "browse"
  • root items in the sources panel are now capitalized
  • sources scrollbar draw location
  • sources items now end with an ellipsis if text is not long enough to fit within the draw region (example: long playlist names)
  • moved sources window toggles to the main "View" menu
  • rearranged the file menu
  • disallow 100% transparency
  • next artist/next album hotkeys
  • bug where tray icon would not be displayed properly
  • tag dialog prompts for changes if selected item changes
  • detaching device while playing from it
  • browsing playlists as libraries
  • certain sources drag and drop errors
  • font loading issues
  • nasty crash with extremely long comments (or other fields)
  • BringWindowToTop on file drop
  • font glitch during drag and drop in playlist
  • selection boxes now update properly after a playlist is deleted
  • scrollbar not appearing/disappearing in the sources window
  • miniPlayer's window is musikCube, not the desktop.
  • miniPlayer window not being initialized completely if no song playing
  • bugs regarding removing songs from the library via selection boxes
  • sorting by time added and last played works correctly now
  • OnDragLeave() not being properly handled & leaving DND artifacts around
  • NetRadio works once again
  • NetRadio playlist not refreshing after adding a new station
  • 'not playing' text shifted slightly on first launch.
  • make sure to 'unhighlight' last played song when playback stops
  • last of the theming related color issues
  • no longer have to restart musikCube if you change your system's theme
  • FLAC bug introduced in 1.0rc2
  • rare crash on exit when running debug build
  • minor auto capitalize bug
  • "Show in Explorer" actually selects the song now
  • disallow drag and drop from Now Playing to Now Playing
  • disallow drag and drop from Playlist to Same Playlist
  • cleaned up more drag and drop code
  • core_net: added BASS_STREAM_META to request that servers send metadata
  • musikCore: last character of metadata from netradio streams was being dumped due to incorrect string pointer math
  • musikCore: don't call MetaDataChanged() unless the metadata actually changed in some way, preventing balloon popup and tunage from getting a hit every 2-5 seconds on some netradio streams
  • focus follows cursor option
  • unnecessary dialogs from the resource file
  • "Save Playlist" from the File menu. This is now done automatically.
  • dead and unused accelerators

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