The Cleaner 4 Professional 4181

Posted on Wednesday, January 07 2004 @ 0:15 CET by LSDsmurf

The Cleaner Professional is a system of programs designed to keep your computer and data safe from Trojans / Worms / Keyloggers / Spyware and all manner of malware. By actively monitoring files and processes on your computer it can detect a virus in action and catch it before it has a chance to do any damage to your valuable data.

Never again worry about e-mails you open, or programs you run -- The Cleaner Professional detection system will take care of business so you don't have to!

Fixed bug in System Info display if you didn't have a floppy drive.
Fix bug where you couldn't Quarantine an archive from the report screen.
Improved scanning engine.
Removed initial information gathering pass from scan.
Minor bug fixes.

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build 4181
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Product page: here

Download: The Cleaner 4 Professional 4181

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Re: The Cleaner 4 Professional 4181
by Anonymous on Thursday, September 29 2005 @ 18:39 CEST
this is a peace of crap. doesn´t find a trojan even if it bite it in the ass