StoragePoint v1.1.3.1

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  • Performs a recursive search for all files matching the specified mask(s) [both DEFAULT and USER].
  • Will work with any drive (Local, Remote (Mapped) or UNC).
  • A list of 'collection' candidates is generated to select from. The candidates are automatically sorted into categories (USER, AUDIO, IMAGES, DOCUMENTS, MOVIES, DATA and OTHER).
  • A option to compare file contents when collecting automatically makes copies of files containing differing data but a duplicate name. This option negates the need for any user input when collecting and ensures that 'zero' data is ommitted.
  • 50+ default filespecs.
  • 'Advanced' incremental column sorting.
  • Fast.
  • Monolithic [Independent].

  • Useful for 'search and backup' tasks. Especially useful for pre-windows-reinstall data collection (if used in conjunction with the Microsoft 'File and Settings Transfer Wizard').

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