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Stickies is a PC utility I wrote to try to cut down on the number of Post-It notes I was leaving stuck to my monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes.

New features

  • Skins capability vastly improved - which means the border option in styles has gone, replaced by the new skin language. You now single-click to toggle on-top, can have a separate title and source for a sticky (and display them in two different places), posted mode has been removed, as has the "Draw title bar text with a transparent background" option, as this is now set on a per-skin basis
  • Manage dialog - this is the old Stickies Store application built into Stickies, and which replaces the "Restore closed" and "Wake sleeping" dialogs. It is now a place to get an overview of all your stickies.
  • Locked mode for stickies, meaning their contents cannot be changed
  • Option for whether clicking on one sticky also brings the others to the front - either all are brought forward, or just the one you clicked
  • Holding shift as you drag a sticky also moves any which overlap it, or are snapped to it
  • Stickies can be attached to a window - they only appear on the desktop only when that application is active. That way, you can have a sticky which appears when you go to a web site, open a document, or browse to a folder on your computer, and then disappears again when you leave that place
  • Recurring stickies can be set with start and end times for the recurrence - so that you can specify for example a sticky every two hours between 9am and 5pm on Friday, or one which recurs on weekdays until the end of the month
  • Active Directory Group Policy Object support - skin, network and email settings can be enforced centrally for those running Microsoft Windows Server. This will likely be used by network administrators
  • Three user booleans added. Each can be on or off, and that state is saved, and transmitted over the network. Combined with the new skin language, this brings a new degree of customisation to Stickies
  • Hold shift while copying to copy as plain text, similar to the current paste as plain text when pasting holding shift
  • Extra text menus to change the font, size, style or case of the selected text
  • Customisable Search Engine menu items to search for the selected text with Google, or other search engines of your choice
  • Send to "Specific" address on the "Send To" menu - to send to a one-off email address, IP address or hostname
  • Option to prevent multiple recurring stickies being opened - if you already have one instance of a recurring sticky on screen then no more will open until you move, change or close the first one
  • New stickies can be brought up in the middle of the primary monitor, the middle of the virtual screen (for those with multiple monitors) or a specific screen position
  • When editing friends on the Stickies Server, you can also set the new list as your friends as you click OK
  • Set all... menu added to task-tray menu, permitting all stickies to be rolled/unrolled/on-top/not on-top/locked/unlocked at once
  • The Save As command now supports RTF, as well as the existing .sti and .txt file formats
  • The alarm snooze time can be altered from the default of 5 minutes
  • "Trigger alarm on wake" option added to the Sleep and Recur dialogs
  • Holding control and rolling the mouse wheel sizes sticky text up and down
  • The running time is saved, and displayed on the About dialog
  • The directory being used to store all Stickies data is displayed in the About dialog


  • The "This machine uses multiple monitors" option has been removed - Stickies works this out for itself now (max 32 monitors)
  • "Transmit to..." is now "Send To"
  • You no longer need networking turned on in order to open .sti files
  • The ini file format has altered to support the new sticky attributes, and to be more extensible and forward compatible in the future
  • Stickies snap to the sides of all monitors and taskbars, for those with multiple monitors
  • PPC Stickies now requires shareware registration as PalmOS Stickies always has done
  • The maximum character limit for a sticky raised from 32,768 characters to 262,144 characters
  • For Windows 2000 upwards, the new-style file open and save dialogs (with the Places bar) are now used
  • Opening a URL no longer re-uses a browser window, but opens a new one
  • Rolled-up stickies can't have their contents changed in any way, to avoid accidental modification
  • Control-m now opens the Manage dialog. The multiple send dialog shortcut keypress has changed to shift-control-m
  • Dragging one or more files into a sticky creates clickable links (<<file://filename.ext>>). Holding shift as you drop inserts just the filenames (filename.ext) as it used to prior to v6
  • A backup file named "stickies.24h" is written once every 24 hours of operation
  • The default initial setting is for networking to be disabled
  • Paragraphs may now be marked by standard bullets, a numbered list or a lettered list
  • File associations are now made at the current user level rather than local machine
  • The task-tray tooltip text has been altered from "Stickies v6.0a" to just "Stickies" - removing the version information
  • When all stickies are hidden, a single left click on the task tray icon will unhide them all
  • The key for changing the snapping mode on the fly has changed from shift to alt
  • You no longer need to hold shift to drag a friend into a group in the friends dialog, it's the default behaviour.
  • Titles persist when stickies are sent over the network
  • When a sticky has been set to auto width (control-w or double-clicking a side), it remembers which side needs altering when the sticky text size is changed
  • Sticky creation times are stored as a time and date, rather than a string, meaning system date format changes are reflected in Stickies.
  • The Sleep dialog has a "Sleep until alarm time" checkbox so that the sticky will disappear until the alarm sounds
  • Attaching a .sti file to SMTP emails is now optional
  • Many more log file entries are written when when the setting is Debug
  • Added some keyboard accelerators (the underlined things on dialogs)


  • The " " character now delimits a URL on a sticky correctly
  • Context help for the "Play Sound on Sticky Wake" option fixed
  • Bug with the right hand side of the sticky being sized incorrectly when sizing the left hand side of the sticky when it's up against the right hand side of the screen fixed
  • "All Files(*.*)" in the Open File dialog called up from options tab 2 changed to "All Files (*.*)"
  • 24 hour time system setting now honoured in Sleep dialog
  • Ontop works ok under Windows XP SP2 now
  • The control-e keyboard shortcut obeys the "Use transfer file" checkbox
  • Having DNS turned on no longer incorrectly makes a "Sticky received" noise when a sticky from the local machine is received
  • Resource leak in ZSticky::DeleteToolTips() removed
  • More reliable at recreating the task-bar icon when Explorer crashes (when Stickies is notified of a crash, it waits two seconds before re-adding it)
  • Putting paths to files in << double-angle brackets >> so that double-clicking them works
  • Title/content bug on the task-tray Stickies > menu fixed
  • When receiving a network sticky sent by sticky.exe having the Preview Contents in task-tray balloon selected meant no balloon appeared at all
  • The Delete button in the Friends dialog now has a context-help tip
  • When daylight savings time started or ended, recurring stickies ended up an hour out of sync (the code added 24 hours to go forward a day, when it sometimes needs to add 23 or 25 hours)
  • Stickies with more then 4096 characters now save correctly, instead of introducing junk characters every 4096 characters
  • Saving an individual sticky as type *.* will now save as plain text, and with the filename you entered
  • The extra blank page of paper which gets generated when you print a sticky no longer appears
  • Email address detection is improved - strings must contain only one @, not at the start of the string, and a period after the @

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