ViRC 2.0

Posted on Monday, January 12 2004 @ 22:19 CET by LSDsmurf


  • You can now select all text in the input box with Ctrl+A.
  • The script editor's event properties page now has a button
    to select from some common event masks. Click it to see a
    popup menu of the different event templates, then fill in
    the blanks to create a mask for your event. The templates
    are read from the file "eventmasks.ini" in your script path.
  • You can ignore or unignore users from the nick list popup.
  • New alias: /squery <service> <message>
  • New function: $IsIgnoringNick(nick)
  • The tab bar has been moved to a binary plugin, vp_tabbar.bpl.
    This will allow the tab bar to be replaced in the future, but
    some of the tab bar configuration settings have been disabled
    in this version. The tab bar configuration will be working
    again soon, in a different form. Please be patient.
  • A mouse gestures plugin (beta) is now included,
    vp_gestures.bpl. If you chose to install it but now want to
    uninstall it, either delete the file or move it to another

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a wildcard bug where "v% *" wouldn't match "v foo".
    (The bug occurred when % matched an empty string and was
    followed by a space in the pattern.)
  • The hyperlink popup appears for URLs in the status window.
  • URLs surrounded by certain attribute codes are parsed
  • Popup menu items for active nicks (and active servers, etc.)
    now work correctly in the status window. Note that channel-
    specific items like Op and Kick won't work as expected since
    there's no channel, even though they aren't grayed out.
  • The ident server now returns the ports in the correct order.
  • SetEventLine now updates $nick, $user, and $host for the
    following events.
  • -before and -after events run in the correct order (highest
    to lowest priority).
  • $var++ and $var-- correctly update the variable on all
  • Wallpaper and window backgrounds are reloaded when you click
    OK in the configuration window.
  • VSInterp: Fixed an obscure issue involving script access to
    methods and properties of COM objects (FuncDesc was released
  • DCC Resume works when the sender is using mIRC 6.1+.
  • Fixed a scrolling bug for output windows with less than a
    whole page to show.
  • Fixed a server list saving bug.

Changed features

  • <OnDCCFinished> events now receive an error number of -1 and
    a message of "Cancelled remotely" when the remote end closes
    any DCC chat, or when the remote end closes a DCC file
    transfer that hasn't yet completed.
  • New events that you create in the script editor now start
    out as "after" events.
  • /wall only sends to 9 nicks at once.
  • VSInterp OLE Automation updates:
    - External apps can now pass interface pointers to OVS
    dispatch objects. The interface will be assigned an object
    handle for the duration of the method call, then unmapped.
    - The GetInterface() function now returns the actual IDispatch
    interface for mapped OLE interfaces, instead of an OVS
    - OVS objects can now be passed to OLE Automation methods.
    A wrapper will be created automatically, just as with
  • The active nicks popup and hyperlink popups are now
    initialized in an OnStart event instead of in virc.lib's
    footer. This means you can merge items into the nick list
    popup from an add-on script, and they will appear when you
    right-click an active nick in the output pane (after
    restarting ViRC).

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