BMExtreme 2.0

Posted on Friday, January 16 2004 @ 20:43 CET by LSDsmurf

BMExtreme comes in two versions - freeware and professional. The freeware version contains everything a bandwidth monitor should, and is very helpful in keeping track of internet usage. For those who need some extreme monitoring, the professional version is available which goes beyond basic monitoring, offerring features such as ip exclusion, monitoring shared bandwidth split by a router, and user profiles.

The freeware version contains many features which help make it the best free bandwidth monitor you can download. If you're using dsl or cable and are capped, BMExtreme can help keep track of your use and contains information about how much you have used daily, weekly, and monthly. It also shows how much average bandwidth you have left per day, and can monitor monthly or based on a set amount of days.
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