Howto : Create new mousefeets

We've already had a howto on adding some more gliding to your mouse with some cheap homemade 'Teflon Tapes' and now we have a small howto on creating new mouse feet with Film Canister. Thanks go out to Reed for this idea & Howto. It's not really hard to make, and some people might find this and the other howto with the 'cheap Teflon tapes' stupid howto's, but then again , I don't think most people would have ever thought about these things because they are just so simple. So these howto's are more about getting the idea :)

Items Needed:
Film Canister (I used a black Kodak canister, shouldn't matter)
Double-sided Scotch tape (I used Manco, with backing)

1) Find a film canister.
2) Cut down the side from top to bottom, cut the bottom out and trim the top edge.
3) Cut two strips 1/4" wide, cutting around the diameter. (You can use it to cut out new feet to replace the old, if you wanted.)
4) Attach by placing the plastic strip on the tape, trim the excess tape from around the edge. Remove the backing and stick it to the mouse. (I used a V shape, with the point centered at the heel of my hand and each strip angled out so the ends were to the outside edge of the mouse.)

Warning: If you use a corded mouse you may need something to keep the mouse on your keyboard tray, for this I used a cable clip.

Enjoy the gliding!
Thanks go out to Reed for this one!   

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