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If you want a more real touch & feel you should spend $12 more to get the OMB Pinkie. This is a softskin sleeve that feels very soft, with the Pinkie the diameter of the vibrator increases to 1.5" (3.81cm).

The Pinkie slides over the OhMiBod and gives the toy a whole new look.

To use the OhMiBod you plug the headphone connector into your iPod (or any other device with a 3.5mm jack like MP3 players, portable CD players or notebooks). Then connect your headphones to the headphone connector and plug the freedom cable into the headphone connector and your OhMiBod. Just like on this picture:

OhMiBod also has another special "acsexory", the iPod Garter. This product allows you to use the OhMiBod more comfortably but unfortunately it's only available for the iPod mini and iPod nano (1st and 2nd generation). The Garter costs $14.50.

My boyfriend wasn't at home tonight, this provided me with an excellent opportunity to thoroughly test the OhMiBod without getting interrupted! First I tested the vibrator with the multi-speed cap, I inserted the batteries and tried it out for a while. In this mode, the OhMiBod feels like a regular sex toy, the cap features seven different vibration modes to get the juices flowing.

After a while, I installed the other cap and plugged in my MP3 player to use this toy as you're meant to! One of the first things I noticed is that you need to crank up the volume really hard. You have to increase the volume to about 75%, if it's not loud enough the vibrations won't be intense enough. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the OhMiBod, if you use it a lot it may cause damage to your hearing as the music.

I started with some music from the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. This music features more vocals than hard beats so after I while I decided to switch to Rammstein. This German industrial metal band provides exactly what I needed: lots of beats to get intense vibrations.

One of the things that bothered me a bit while testing the OhMiBod was all the wires. With a normal dildo or vibrator, you can focus totally on yourself but with the OhMiBod this isn't the case as you have to be careful that your MP3 player doesn't fall out of your bed in case you decide to try another position like doggy style. The OMB Garter could solve this but this product isn't compatible with all MP3 players. However, while the OhMiBod is slightly less convenient than normal vibrators it does offer a more intense experience as you get really immersed into your favorite music. For the first time, there's a product that really lets you feel your music!

After some satisfactory testing I decided to try out the Pinkie softsleeve. The Pinkie easily slides over the OhMiBod's shaft and adds some more realism. The polymer sleeve feels very soft but while testing it I noticed it also slightly dampens the vibrations so you need to turn up the volume even more. To end my first (of many..) experiences with the OhMiBod I listened to some Marilyn Manson music to enjoy the intense vibes of my new toy.

Let's say that testing the OhMiBod was a very pleasant experience :)

Cleaning the OhMiBod is very easy but unfortunately, that's not the case with the Pinkie sleeve. The Pinkie easily attracts dust and dirt and it's hard to clean. Additionally, because of the material, the sleeve is made out it's also a bacteria breeding ground if you don't clean it thoroughly. OhMiBod recommends that you use a condom with this sleeve but that takes away most of the fun.. It would be better if the sleeve used a more hygienic material.

One of the other things I noticed while testing the OhMiBod is that it generates quite a lot of noise. It depends on how hard it vibrates but in some modes the noise is really loud. Thomas did some tests with a decibelmeter in a room with an ambient noise level of 36dBA and says the noise level is 40-43dBA in the normal modes and in the loudest mode the noise goes up to 52dBA at a distance of 50cm. Fortunately, the noise gets dampened when you insert the toy in your vagina and if you're listening to music you shouldn't hear it at all.

The OhMiBod vibrator adds a whole new dimension to sex toys. For the first time ever there's a product on the market that really submerges you into your music. With the OhMiBod you don't only hear it - you also feel it!

For our female readers: Despite some minor issues we definitely recommend this product if you like music and sex!
For our male readers: Perhaps this could be a great Christmas gift for your girlfriend?

The Good Stuff
  • Allows you to feel your music
  • Can be used without a MP3 player
  • 7 different vibration modes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Ships with a velvet pouch

    The Bad Stuff
  • The volume has to be really loud - bad for your hearing
  • The wires may cause some inconvenience
  • It's pretty noisy

    I give the OhMiBod a 8/10.

    Added: November 29th 2007
    Product reviewed: OhMiBod
    Reviewer: DV Hardware
    Score: 8/10
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