Performance 3D Card Tapezoid review

Hehe, check the date ;) It's the first of April. April's Fool Day! ;) This product, the company, and all the results were fake! I'm sorry but such a fantastic wonder product doesn't exist.

The Good Stuff
- Works exactly like advertised!
- Better performance and overclocking results!
- Lowers the temperatures of your 3D Card
- Cheap

The Bad Stuff
- It doesn't exists ;)

DV Hardware awards this product with an excellent Aprils Fools Day Award!!

Tell us if you liked it in our Forums ;), and be free to tell us some of your own April Fools day jokes that you've done today.

Added: April 1st 2003
Product reviewed: Performance 3D Card Tapezoid
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 10/10
Page: 2/2

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